InnovCore provides experienced strategic direction for technology-based businesses in the Energy and Chemicals industry sectors to assist in:

  • Establishing key compatibility between technology and business initiatives
  • Providing secure competitive advantage in the management of intellectual property for the core technology asset
  • Setting in place alliance frameworks for the completeness of the resources necessary for market success

InnovCore helps clients focus on the strategic use of IP assets in complex business transactions including mergers and acquisitions, technology divestitures, joint ventures and strategic alliances, technology licensing and technology commercialization.

InnovCore’s current activities include advising client acquisition teams on acquisition of strategic technology assets including complete due diligence performance, technology valuations, restructuring legacy alliances, intellectual property freedom-to-operate and patentability analyses, as well as post-acquisition technology business strategy and lift-off.

InnovCore offers development of strategic targets, identifying and evaluating alliance partners, valuation of IP portfolios, structuring and negotiating partnerships and acquisitions, and managing initial start up/commercialization of new technologies and technology business alliances.

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    Technology Based Businesses (TBBs)

    • Unique entities which are defined by strategic dependence on their technology as the core business asset
    • Technology is strategically essential to the business objectives of the entities
    • Focal point of a range of companies that view the TBBs as key targets for M&A or as strategic alliance partners
    • InnovCore helps both the TBBs and the companies seeking relationships with them to identify, evaluate and secure those relationships